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 Illustrations - Kuvitukset

Our Stories ® 2016

Our Stories Along the Northern Lights route
"Common culture and history are strongly represented along the Northern Lights Route,
combining the Finnish, Swedish and Norwegian borders.
The bordering countries share a growing consciousness of common roots and identity, which is the basis for the cross-border project. At the moment, there is a route, but more activity is needed along the route."

I worked as an illustrator and visual designer for that story-telling project from October til the end of the year 2016. I designed eg. a logo, a roll-up and made several of illustrations for the website and other advertising. My illustrations has been used also on their clothes, bags and other prints.

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"Creative Steps - On the Way to an Idea" ® 2013

This publication explains how the international Creative Steps workshop was organised through the cooperation of the four partner countries and by making use of networks. It also works as a sort of road map for the arranging of similar international cooperative projects. I worked as an illustrator for this fairy tale journey of innovation! This was printed out in the end of 2013 and the web version of it can be found from here.

About this publication @ MyCreativeEdge-page


Nuorten kylä "Meän kylät tuothamman" ® 2012

Print products - Printtituotteet

Cover Art - Kansitaide


Personal illustrations: Yogis