Sivusto ei tue käyttämääsi selainta. Suosittelemme selaimen päivittämistä uudempaan versioon.

Sculpting – Kuvanveisto

I love sculpting, especially when it's snow, ice or sand. I like its tranciency. I also use recycled materials on my sculptures. Ecology is important value for me.

I'm a member and secretary of Ikitalvi Union of Snow & Ice Sculptors and I also organize different kind of sculpting events and courses. My lovely hobby and passion has once again become also my work. With my team Tuulispäät we also participate in snow sculpting contests, symposiums and other events.

At the time I'm working as an Art Director for Baltic Snow Call – a brand new International Snow Sculpting contest in Nallikari, Oulu Finland 21.–25.2.2018.



Tuulispäät Snow Sculpting Team

Snow fun & just fun! Sculpting with passion & desire with my dear friends and snow sisters Ella Käyhkö and Katja Dianoff, who has been our team member since 2016.


  • Finnish Championships, Kemi 2014
  • Finnish Championships, Vihti 2016, 3rd Jury Prize
  • Finnish Championships, Juuka 2017
  • Finnish Championships, Kouvola-Kuusankoski 2018, 1st Jury Prize
  • Upcoming: Sapporo Snow Fest, Japan 2019

Other events

  • Ikitalvi SnowSymposium, Oulu 2017
  • UFOP Winterfest, Oulu 12/2017
  • Kipinä-RinneReivit, 3/2018

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"Lintukoto", Vihti 2016 – 3rd place at Finnish Championships"Lintukoto", Vihti 2016 – 3rd place at Finnish Championships

Solo sculpting @ Karstula 2/2017

"Läjäpäin" Solo work, Karstula 2017"Läjäpäin" Solo work, Karstula 2017

Snow Sculpting Events

The first touch on Ice Sculpting

I got my very first chance for ice sculpting in February 2017 at Kalajoki where they have traditional and warm-hearted ice sculpting event at Tapion Tupa every winter. I also left my chainsaw virginity there. Super cool and I just felt in love again. When I really got started I was working like a crazy and my mates diagnosis carving psychosis again... So, that's maybe why I also forget to take good photos of my final work.


"Eletyt elämät" Kalajoki 2017"Eletyt elämät" Kalajoki 2017


Sand Sculpting Workshop @ Tornio 6/2013

Workshop of sand sculpting with a trainer Janne Andberg. My group - with the great talents: Anna Moroz, Iines Jakovlev and Riikka Hannula - made a beautiful Sandmaid. It took about 8 hours to build the sand mold and then next day we worked all the day from early morning until night.

Read the article of the workshop by YLE News in this link.


KIEMURA - Snow & sound sculpture @ Hailuoto 2013

Hai Art commissioned the architects and artists Tiina Sainila & Mikko Kanninen from SAIKA design to built a snow & sound sculpture in the middle of the village in Hailuoto island in winter 2013. This project was executed with the school of Hailuoto and members of the community. I was curious to learn about the snow sculpting molds and stuff so I went there to help my friends with "Kiemura". Two long and happy days outside playing with snow made me sure that's something I wanna do more somehow-somewhere-someday...