Sivusto ei tue käyttämääsi selainta. Suosittelemme selaimen päivittämistä uudempaan versioon.

 Snow Sculpting – Lumenveisto

I love sculpting, especially when it's snow.


Snow & Ice Sculpting experience (extracts)


with Tuulispäät Snow Sculpting Team:

Finnish Championships, Kemi 2014

Finnish Championships, Vihti 2016 – bronze

Finnish Championships, Juuka 2017

Finnish Championships, Kouvola 2018 – gold

Sapporo International Snow Festival, Japan 2019 – 4th Jury Prize

Nordic Ice – ice sculpting contest, Kilpisjärvi Finland 2019
 with Janne Andberg
Ice sculpting contest at Tapion Tupa Kalajoki Finland (solo) –1st Jury prize 2018

Ice sculpting contest at Tapion Tupa Kalajoki Finland (solo) 2017 

Winter events, snow symposiums & some other sculpting experiences

Baltic Snow Call – International snow sculpting contest, Nallikari Oulu Finland, Art Director 2018, 2019
Polar Bear Pitching: sculpting Polarbear -snow statue next to Toripolliisi at Oulu market place 2019

Sculpting ”The Arctic Cupcake” Troms International Snow Sculpting Symposium, Norway 2019

Snow wall reliefs,  Arctic Snow Hotel, Lehtojärvi Finland Dec 2018

Kipinä RinneReivit Free Open Air / snow installation, Sievi Finland 2018

Uleåborg Festival of Psychedelia, Winterfest /  snow sculptures, Oulu Finland Dec 2017

Ikitalvi SnowSymposium / event organisation & sculpting, Nallikari Oulu Finland 2017

#LumiKAAOS / community art project & sculpting workshop, Nallikari Oulu Finland 2017

Artranta -residence / event organisation, workshop & solo sculpture, Karstula Finland 2017

Sähköne Talavi Free Open Air / event’s snow & ice decorations 2017

Kiemura – interactive snow & sound installation / snow worker, Hailuoto Finland 2013

Some more of workshops & courses >>


A member of the board and a secretary of Ikitalvi Union of Snow & Ice Sculptors since 2017


Sapporo International Snow Festival 2019

Team Finland: Tuulispäät Snow Sculpting Team – 4th Jury Prize

Sculpture: Metsänpeitto – Kamikakushi (Spirited away)

In the tales of the old, it was told, one may fall into the forest' hold. Metsänpeitto, it was called, a space unfamiliar, the great unknown. Fallen ones they turned to trees, they couldn't move, they couldn't breathe. From the outside, it must have seemed like hidden by gods "Kamikakushi", like swallowed by trees.

Sculpture design by me. Carved out together with Ella-Noora Käyhkö & Katja Dianoff.


Sculpting for Polar Bear Pitching

@ Oulu Market place, right next to Toripolliisi statue, March 2019.
Cooperation with Marianne Aittoniemi & Elise Roponen.
Sponsored by Oulun Energia.

Instagram: #sculptingforpolarbearpitching

Photo: Marcos KatzPhoto: Marcos Katz


The Arctic Cupcake – Troms, Norway 2019

Troms International Snow Festival (symposium)

"The Arctic Cupcake" to celebrate the Arctic. Eat before it's too late!

Cooperation with Marianne Aittoniemi & Elise Roponen


FALL @ Kilpisjärvi 2019

Nordic Ice sculpting contest – Pohjoismaiset jäänveistokilpailut

Team Sealand, cooperation with Janne Andberg


UFOP Winterfest @ Tukikohta, Oulu Dec 2017

Snow decorations for Uleåborg Festival of Psychedelia Winterfest.

Cooperation Satu Suvanto & Ella-Noora Käyhkö.

(more pics coming later)