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Workshops – Työpajat

This page will introduce some examples of the workshops I have runned back in the days.


Creative Drawing – Luova piirustus

Creative drawing workshops

  • Kulttuurivoimala, Oulu 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 (Oulun kaupunki: yhteisötoiminta ja kuntalaisvaikuttaminen)
  • Ordered workshop, Kalajoki 11/2016
  • Silo's Open Day, Oulu 5/2017 (Oulun kaupunki: yhteisötoiminta ja kuntalaisvaikuttaminen)

Workshops with the drawing performances:

  • SoundHYPEvision cooperation with sound artist Petri Miettinen @ Oulu Museum of Art 11/2018
  • Liikkeellä kuvaan with sound artist Petri Miettinen and dancer, with sound artist Petri Miettinen Liisa Heikkinen @ Oulu Museum of Art 4/2019


Working with researchers

Working with creative art-based methods in research:

  • Gender-based violence in pre-teen relationship cultures: How history, place, affect and arts interventions matter 2017
  •   "Making, Mapping, Mattering": Arts and research-activism for addressing sexual harassment in pre-teen peer cultures 2019–

"The research team has established a fruitful collaboration over the recent years with community artist Anna Koivukangas and media producer Sami Hänninen, who are principally responsible for planning and leading the arts-based activities in generating data 3 and 4. Koivukangas and Hänninen will document the fieldwork by building visual case stories and multimedia presentations for project purposes, create the project website layout and curate the exhibition. Their contribution will be budgeted as external services." -Tuija Huuki

For more info please visit Dr. Tuija Huuki's website


Snow sculpting – Lumenveisto

Past years I've been running many snow sculpting workshops and courses around Finland... For kids, adults, other traineers – whoever wants to learn the secrects of snow!

For example:

  • Farshaxanka Art Project, Kulttuurivoimala Oulu, every winter
  • Talvitapahtuma, Kulttuurivoimala 2019
  • Tolppa-hanke, Kulttuurivoimala 2019
  • Veeran Verstas, Nallikari Winter Village 2019
  • Jokihelmen Opisto, Honkamaja, Oulainen 2018
  • Suomen Latu, "Ulkona kuin lumiukko" -ohjaajien koulutus, Seinäjoki 2018
  • Artranta, Karstula 2017 – cowork with Ikitalvi crew
  • #LumiKAAOS, Nallikari Winter Village 2017


Oulu kuosiin! – Designtori Oulu 2016

Community art workshop for PROTO – Pohjois-Suomen muotoilijat.

Cooperation with Leea Alatalo.